Small Businesses Are Not Part-Time

Starting your own business is like having a child. It’s a long-term commitment you cannot ignore or get away from for any length of time. It’s not for everyone, and unlike at a job, you usually can’t punch a clock, call it a day, and, if something happens, leave it to your boss to handle. When you run your own small business, it’s your problem and your responsibility, no one else’s!

To prepare for starting your own business, clear up your schedule to make sure you have the time to focus on it. Businesses are rarely part-time. It’s more a question of whether they will be merely full-time or the whole 24/7. Make sure that the significant people in your life understand the commitment you’re getting yourself into before you get into it. The pressure and stress of opening and running a business won’t just affect you, but all the people close to you, as well.

Anna Ostrovsky Co-founder and general counsel LegalMatch San Francisco