Ten Tips for Mobile Magic

Pocket Gamer site managing director says these straightforward guidelines could help mobile developers everywhere make better games

I'm not a games developer. In fact, the last thing I programmed involved a rubber-keyboard and the infinite repetition of my name on a screen. For that matter, I'm not a publisher or an analyst either. So if you're seeking an article full of market data, prophetic charts that point relentlessly skyward or lots of statements littered with acronyms like ARPU then you've come to the wrong place.

However, if you want to discover what might help your mobile game stand out from the crowd, stick around. Myself and my team at Pocket Gamer have spent the last 12 months monitoring, covering and most importantly actively playing games. As a leading mobile games site (and one of the few sources of editorial on mobile games of any kind) we’re in the rare position of having played enough titles to state with confidence what does and doesn't make a great mobile game.

But do mobile games have to be great?

It's a fair question, especially when you consider the attitude of the mainstream games industry and the specialist press towards mobile in recent years. Obviously no one sets out to make a bad game, but the prevailing view has been that these games were average at best, that a big movie licence or a simple console port and a cosy relationship with the operators was more important than the actual game itself.

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