Newspapers and Search Engines: The Sequel, But Not The Last One

The San Jose Mercury News’s Elise Ackerman has an interesting story here about newspapers and search engines reworking some aspects of their relationship, in ways that look to allay some of the gripes newspapers had with the whole search engine economy.

Key sentence, regarding a recently-struck deal between Google and the Associated Press:

While many of the details of AP’s deals are secret, they encompass everything from access fees to tailored news products to shared revenues from the advertising displayed alongside AP stories.

Which means that AP found takers for the packages they were peddling at the beginning of the year. Good for them.

Yahoo News GM Neal Budde did not comment on a complex set of negotiations that have been ongoing between his company and a bunch of newspaper companies which we (sorry, horn-tooting ahead) wrote about a while back. And which Ackerman terms a rumor, even though she writes:

Yahoo is also working on what Budde describes as a “deeper relationship” with “key, larger news organizations.” On the table is direct payment, revenue sharing and traffic exchanges aimed at increasing Web audiences for both Yahoo and its content providers.

Um, yes. That does sound somewhat familiar.