A Cingular Stones Concert

With technology from Single Touch, subscribers can use their phones to listen to a live Rolling Stones concert in Paris

Are you going to miss the Rolling Stones playing Paris on July 28? Well, if you're a Cingular Wireless subscriber, you don't have to. Cingular is using innovative new technology that lets its customers dial a number that connects them to a live feed of the Stones rocking the Stade de France, in Paris. A buck ninety-nine gets you seven minutes of Jagger & Co. The clarity depends, in part, on the quality of your phone's speakers. But the call isn't to some Stones groupie holding up a phone from the bleachers. This connection goes straight to the band's mixing board. So, "the sound quality is superior," says Anthony Macaluso, founder of Single Touch Interactive, which developed the listen-live technology Cingular is using.

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