Study: Smartphone Sales Soar 55%

As public affection for PDAs grows, Nokia remains at the top. Motorola is encroaching on RIM's territory

The smart phone market is continuing to grow unabated, increasing 55 per cent year on year.

According to research company Canalys, the smart phone market remains in rude heath, with several handset companies reporting strong growth in the segment.

Smart phone vs mobile phone

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Nokia remains top dog in converged devices, although its closest rival in the vanilla phone market, Motorola, is gaining a little ground here too, leapfrogging BlackBerry-maker RIM to become the second largest vendor of smart phones.

Canalys found Nokia sold around nine million smart devices during the quarter, with Motorola notching up more than 1.6 million, followed by RIM with 1.2 million.

Motorola was able to beat RIM for the first time after shifting more than one million units in China, based on the Linux operating system, as well as the first sales of its Q smart phone, a Razr-inspired take on the BlackBerry, Treo et al.