Big Gulp With a Shelf Life

7-Eleven joins the growing convenience-store trend of private labels by launching its own value brand of soft drinks and chocolate bars

Convenience store giant 7-Eleven recently launched its own Big Gulp-branded pop in two-liter bottles. You can find them in stores now, sitting inches away from what the biggest soft drink companies in the world have to offer.

Laurie Smith, communications manager for 7-Eleven Canada, Inc., says the two-liter plastic option enables fans of the traditional one-liter Big Gulp fountain drink—or its close cousins, Super Big Gulp (1.3 liters) and Double Gulp (two liters)—to take their beverage home and enjoy it anytime they wish. The two-liter Big Gulps come in five flavors—cola, root beer, lemon lime, orange and cranberry-raspberry.

"Most people who come in and buy a Big Gulp drink it right away. Now that it's available in a bottle with a cap, they can drink it the next day or take it camping or on a picnic," she says.

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