Innovation and Work--Do They Mix?

Bruce Nussbaum

"I have too much work to go to work." Now, think about that sentence for a moment. I sent this to my boss recently--and he understood instantly. I now find that, increasingly I am more productive, more creative at home or on the road than in the office.

The nightmare of emails, meetings, calls, "can-you's" is killing any time for thought, much less creative thought. With my Treo (which is increasingly acting like some nervous, jittery, high-strung bot, with the software bouncing around and the screen insensitive to the touch half the time--what is that all about?) and laptop, I can get out of the office and plug in whenever. In the office, the norm is being plugged in. Argh. We make a fetish of being grouped together, in a community and a conversation, to be innovative. But you have to unplug and get alone at times to make it work. At least for me. You?