The Tesla Electric Roadster is Hot, Hot, Hot.

Bruce Nussbaum

If you haven't checked out Winding Road's write-up of the new Tesla Motors' electric Roadster, take a break from work and check it out now. In addition to no emissions, there are no gears--and my gearhead buddy at BW online, Matt Vela tells me that translates into "a perfectly smooth acceleration curve." I'm sure Diego Rodgriquez at Metacool could also tell you why that's cool. Diego just sent me to TED blogs to read all about it.

Lotus Design Studio designed the electric roadster and assembles it as well. The extruded aluminum chassis is based on the Lotus Elise (you gotta give me a break here folks--I drive a Suburu Outback). Telsa 200-250 miles per charge and is talking about putting fuel cells on the car. I like the zippy language of auto blogs so here is how Winding Road, one of the best, describes the Roadster's acceleration: "According to the budding automaker, the Roadster clips 0-60 mph in around four seconds and 0-100 in under 11 seconds, and marches all the way up to 130 mph." Love the language.

It's supposed to go on sale at $80,000 to $120,000 per. For more zippy photos and language, go to autobloggreen.

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