The Game Industry Skills Shortage

Hundreds of development jobs are going unfilled — a situation that may only worsen as demands from new formats intensify

It’s an issue being exacerbated by a number of factors, with next-gen ramp up, the resulting specialization in workforces and lack of experienced staff all cited as reasons.

The lure of working in other climes have also contributed; and when so many studios around the world are in perma-crunch to finish new titles for console launches or in time for a publisher’s financial year, the pressures will increase. That’s something many, from studio leader to recruiter, are in agreement on.

"It is abundantly apparent that there is a shortage of talent for the incredible hiring frenzy that has been building up in our industry," says Mary Margaret Walker of recruitment agency Mary-Margaret.

"Some of the existing barriers to entry in our industry are contributing to the qualified candidate pool failing to grow fast enough to meet the hiring needs."

Specialization within studio workloads is also having a detrimental effect on the situation – not just the production of games themselves, but in the finding the right people for the role.

Raising the Barriers

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