JotSpot Intros Wiki 2.0

Rob Hof

JotSpot today is introducing what it calls Wiki 2.0, which is doing its darnedest not to look like a wiki. CEO Joe Kraus told me that wikis, or Web sites that can be edited by groups of people, have traditionally been wrapped up in an overly nerdy package. Wiki 2.0 has wiki pages that have been outfitted with templates so they look and work like a spreadsheet, a calendar, a photo gallery, and other kinds of applications.

I do wonder whether heightening the resemblance of a service to a dominant software suite like Microsoft Office is an invitation to get stomped. But Kraus thinks JotSpot needs to demonstrate how its longer-term vision of do-it-yourself applications works in a familiar setting. In any case, the demo I saw looked pretty slick, and the utility is easy to see, so it may get some takers, especially among folks who want the collaborative features baked in from the start.

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