This Just In: Grandiosity, Back-Stabbing Found At Prominent Conde Nast Magazine

The New York Post’s Keith Kelly comes up with one for the archives today, in a tighly-wound tale of recriminations and slashing ripostes at Vanity Fair.

Worth reading in full for the back-and-forth, but must note that while the irresistible pullquote is delivered by VF Editor Graydon Carter:

“Any criticism of me is absolutely ridiculous after the years we’ve had. We broke the Deep Throat story… It’s an extremely healthy magazine, newsstand sales and renewals are way up.”

… do not overlook Keith’s tart assessment over how Carter turned around Vanity Fair’s sagging newsstand sales:

The solution has been to get stars to take off most of their clothes for the cover shots - something that is not necessarily alluring to advertisers.

Vanity Fair’s ad pages have tanked this year, following the departure of previous publisher Lou Cona to the New Yorker, although Keith reports the mag’s September issue will resemble the VF doorstops of yore.

The tea-leaf read on this is yearling VF Publisher Alan Katz had been rumored to be in serious job trouble over said ad page situation. Until now that is, since Keith reports

Katz has the support of Condé Nast CEO Charles Townsend.