Jason Calacanis, Digg Users, and the 1% Rule

Is Jason Calacanis' offer to pay the top 1% of participants at the Flickr, Digg, Reddit and Newsvine for his new Digg-like Netscape service an indication of just how much these services are propelled by early adopters?
Heather Green

In a nod to the fact that 1% of the people at a social media site are the ones who are the active participants, Calacanis is offering to pay a handful of Digg, Flickr, Reddit and Newsvine users to be part of his Digg-like clone at Netscape.

I don't recall this happenining at any of the other services (Yahoo Groups, Wikipedia) where the 1% rule is so well documented. It's hard to imagine that it will work in the long run, since so much of the loyalty to these early sites seems to be motivated by a desire to create a new service and make a mark, rather than make money. Maybe it's a testament to how much these aggregation services are being propelled by early adapters.

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