Is Crowdsourcing Really Free?

Bruce Nussbaum

Is free labor really free and is crowdsourcing really without cost, asks Ideaport, a new blog for me and an insightful one.

Roger Dennis, author of Ideaport, has been in the innovation design biz for a while, working with Egg and others.

To me, he's raising a critical question here: "The use of ethnography coupled with the harnessing of customer generated product ideas sounds great and gets people excited, but in practise it’s expensive and time-consuming."

Dennis recommends a book by Anthony Ulwick--"What Customers Want."

There is a lot of blah-blah about crowdsourcing these days and the economics of it are very important. Is it really free. Is the quality really good? Is it truly creative (on that we know--lots of it is wildly creative). These are serious questions. Thanks Roger.