India Censors The Internet.

Bruce Nussbaum

The first case of India censoring the internet has occurred.
Without making excuses for this, as we are all discovering, bombings on subways (Mumbai just days ago), rockets on cities and terrorism of all kinds can drive people and governments to extreme. The Department of Telecommunications banned a Yahoo group that it said had "antinational" content on it, according to CNet. C/Net News reported"

"In July, the government's Department of Information Technology established the Indian Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT-In) under the provisions of the Indian Information Technology Act 2000. The government said one of the jobs of that body would be to ensure a "balanced flow of information"--not censorship."

Niti Bhan tells me that the Indian government has "has blocked access to blogs hosted by Blogger, Typepad a;nd sites on geocities for the moment,while they claim to be going through hard ip numbers to trace terrorists who they bleieve used these sites to coordinate the Mumbai bombings." Here are links:. More links:

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