Bix: American Idol for the Online Video Set?

The launch of Bix, the online contest service from Mike Speiser, one of the founders of Epinions.
Heather Green

Mike Speiser is back in the startup game, this time with Bix, a services that's trying to bring the excitement of American Idol to online videos and audio. Bix, which is currently in a closed beta open only to friends and family, allows individuals and companies to set up their own video contests online. Through the contests, the site is attempting to give structure to how things bubble up online. It's semi-interesting, but I am not sure it's necessary, given the different systems in place, including ratings and simple most popular lists.

Speiser, one of the founders of Epinions, a consumer site review service that was founded at the height of the dotcom boom, thinks the lessons from Epinions can be applied here. With Epinions, people wanted to be creative, not simply rate things. Through Bix, he thinks he has found the motivation to do that: Contests.

Basically, anyone can set up a contest and they can be private or public. Bix tries to make it as easy as possible for people to load their creative works online and gives them options between making the contests public or private.

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