Fighting Attention Deficit with Engagement

Rob Hof

Heather Green and I just published a story, with the help of colleagues Stanley Holmes and Kerry Capell, on how some companies are managing to fight media attention deficit disorder. Their answer is deeper engagement with readers, viewers, customers, and most of all participants.

Originally, to be honest, we were hoping in part to explore the emerging notion of how people can increasingly take control of the digital crumbs of their online attention. But that was a very tough concept to explain to a general audience (which includes our editors), and I'm sorry to say it ended up papering the cutting-room floor. I'm still interested in the likes of Root Markets and AttentionTrust, but I think they're a step or two away from adequately articulating their ideas for empowering people to take control of their attention stream. I'd sure like to see some more concrete services based on the idea.

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