Summer Time of Old

Toddi Gutner

Ah, summer. That means sipping wine on the flagstone patio, bike riding with my kids after work, and enjoying a slightly slower pace at work.

But my sons haven’t always had the opportunity to relax as I have. Sure, they’re out of school and they attend a wonderful day camp. But in past summers, they still had to visit their tutors, go to their speech therapist, occupational therapist and do their daily reading, writing and math practice.

Not this summer. I’ve suspended all activities outside of having fun. Sure, I cajole them into reading every once in a while, but not nearly in the task master way I’ve done in the past.

I know I’m not following the recommendations of my sons’ teachers, who at the end of the school year suggested daily practice of academic work. I am beginning to think I may “pay for it” in the fall. The first few weeks of school might highlight their rusty skills. But then I snap back and remind myself what summer is all about: An opportunity to relax and recharge. And that means for everyone, including my kids. After all, isn't that the way it used to be?

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