A Little Vindication For My "Wild Ass" Speculation.

Last May, I took note of an interview Nissan-Renault CEO carlos Ghosn did with Forbes in which he mentioned a desire to link with a third global partner, and this time in North America. In that item, I said that GM would be a longshot and that Ford would be a more likely partner.

Auto blog site Jalopnik responded this way.

“It’s some wild-ass speculation to be sure. BusinessWeek’s David Kiley picked up on a recent quote from Renault-Nissan CEO Carlos Ghosn and ran screaming into the fortune-teller’s tent. In a recent article in Forbes Kiley notes on BW’s Autobeat blog, Ghosn was asked, “Do you see the day where you could expand the Renault-Nissan alliance to include a North American company?” to which he responded, “Why not?” That said, Kiley came up with Ford as the only such firm available (well it couldn’t be GM — the legal fees alone would be 12 figures). Of course it could be wishful thinking, considering such an outrageous story would likely net Kiley about 1,000 column inches and put him in range of a Pulitzer. But could it happen? Would it take too much genius even for Carlos the Great. Hmmm.”

Today, former BusinessWeek reporter Christine Tierney penned a column for The Detroit News headlined, “How About Ford-Renault-Nissan?” It was based somewhat on comments from an auto analyst at UBS Securities: “It’s interesting to think about the idea. Could Ford step in here with an alliance with Renault and Nissan?…I wouldn’t count it out. Ford could be a better partner.” Those were the words of Robert Hinchliffe at UBS.

Wild speculation my eye! I like those scamps at Jalopnik. But, hey, how about a little back-pedaling from the “wild-ass speculation” remark?

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