Maelstrom Destroys the Universe

Codemasters' new real-time PC game is a stand-out with impressive technology. You'll control the forces of nature

RTS games are a dime a dozen on the PC but Codemasters' Maelstrom might be able to stand out, thanks in part to impressive technology that'll allow you to absolutely destroy the Earth. Buildings can crumble, trees can be splintered, and the ground can be torn asunder, and to make things even more enticing, developer K-D Labs has thrown in ugly aliens and transforming robots. Plus, you'll have control over the elements, meaning you can rain fire, water, and even control the wind. It's quite attractive, but given the unstable frame rate, Maelstrom is in danger of choking on its own engine. However, since the game isn't going to be released until late September, there's still plenty of time to make it one of the best games of the year.

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