Motorola's Quirky New Smartphone

The Q is lighter and sleeker than its popular rivals, but its short battery life and complicated e-mail function make it a hassle to use

Editor's Rating:

The Good: The lightest, best-looking of the e-mail devices can be operated with just one hand

The Bad: The software is overcomplicated, requiring too many steps to perform simple functions

The Bottom Line: The $100 rebate makes it cheaper than rivals—and easy to overlook its drawbacks

First off, let me confess: I'm not a mobile e-mail guy. I've never owned a BlackBerry (RIMM), nor a Palm (PALM) Treo. Sending a text message via the phone is nothing but a nuisance to me. My thumbs were built to grip a football or to aid in twisting the caps off beer bottles more than typing on a smart phone's compact QWERTY keypad.

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