Hollywood's Hottest Investments

Check out the winners of BusinessWeek.com's new ROI Award, which goes to the actor with the highest return on investment for movie studios

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As a movie star, Adam Sandler has been a walking—make that stumbling—anomaly. His comic bits are, well, dopey to the point of distraction. He does his best work when he's mumbling, often in a faux hillbilly accent. And the critics darn near hate him. But his films work where it counts, with the folks who plunk down their $9 or so for his films. His latest, Click, a shameless takeoff on the old holiday chestnut It's A Wonderful Life, uses a remote control that allows a workaholic architect to fast forward and rewind his life. It was skewered by critics ("It's not worth wasting money on," wrote Claudia Puig in USA Today), but it opened strongly to a $40 million first weekend on June 23.

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