Tufts Tests For Creativity--Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Others Should too.

Bruce Nussbaum

Universities are beginning to make creativity and innovation criteria for admission for freshman. Check out this item in higher education that describes Tufts University's new policy. This is a very important event and Tufts is being a pioneer here. Creativity and innovation are not the same thing as science and math and differentiating the two is critical. Hardly any school does. Very few corporations do. And federal government policy does not. Yet innovation and creativity will be the major sources for growth in the future.

Tufts is asking applicants to write essays or send videos that reflect the creativity of the individual, not simply measure content knowledge. The insidehighered article goes on to say:

"The idea is to change the admissions process from one that focuses only on a subset of analytic qualities — the kinds that can be measured by grades and test scores — and to look more broadly at ways to measure creativity and leadership potential. The approach is based on the work of Robert Sternberg, a psychologist who specializes in measuring intelligence and promoting creativity. Sternberg left Yale University last year to become dean of the School of Arts and Sciences at Tufts."

Some 15,000 students applied to Tufts last year and 27% got in. Now the school will be making creativity part of that adminission's process. Bravo.