Heineken Chooses Sir Frank Lowe for New Agency.

David Kiley

Sir Frank Lowe is putting his old ad agency in London back together like an old high school band. First, his agency, Red Brick Road, snagged Tesco from Lowe London, an agency with which he is no longer associated. Now, he snags the global Heineken account, a piece of business he formerly had at Lowe London.

BrandRepublic.com speculates Lowe's Red Brick Road was handed the account because of "close ties" with Charlene de Carvalho, the daughter of former Heineken boss, Freddie Heineken.

Amsterdam-based StrawberryFrog had been the agency, and had done some very good work. I never quite saw the reason for the review of the business in the first place. Funny that it got underway just as Lowe was opening up his doors in London.

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