Are Video Games the New Soccer?

In trying to grow its audience beyond a maniacal core fan-base, gaming is in the same situation as "futbol"

I'll admit I've watched the soccer World Cup a little this summer. I've gotten into a few games but never really caught the fever. Walking into our San Francisco offices one morning I saw a crowd of drunken English FOOTball (NOT Soccer!) fans stumbling around the streets at 8:30 in the morning singing "God Save the Queen." At that moment I was torn. I want to like soccer, futbol, football or whatever you call it, but I just wasn't that into it. Thankfully this month-long sports event will be over soon.

I get it that the whole planet plays (and loves) soccer. It seems like it's just we Yanks who couldn't care less—well some Caribbean countries like the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc. are more concerned with baseball than soccer as well. I read about stats of the global audience, the breathtaking crowds at matches (NOT games) and the amazing celebrity of players like David Beckham who enjoy global superstardom. I want to like soccer, but I just don't know if I can. When I speak to colleagues, especially those with British accents, I realize how witty they sound when they talk of which "side" has the best "striker." I want to be hip but I don't want to look like a dope. What to do?

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