The Devil Wears Prada And The Role of Mercurial, Nasty Creative Bosses.

Bruce Nussbaum

The fashion industry and its symbiotic cousin, the fashion industry media, are notorious for their impossible, bad-tempered, cruel, insulting, arrogant bosses. Whether they are running fashion houses or fashion magazines, these bosses hire and fire on a whim, change things on a hunch and drive everyone around them crazy.

But they are creative. So is the cost worth it? Bob Sutton at Stanford has a calculation that might help answer the question. It's TCA--Total Cost of A....." Sorry I can't use the word on the blog but check out Bob's thoughtful analysis of the gains and losses an organization faces in having one of these "devils" of design at the helm. Sutton has a book coming out on the subject shortly based on a Harvard Business Review article. In sum, Sutton things the costs outweigh the benefits of mercurial bosses. But not only. Apple's Steve Jobs always comes on up in this conversation, says Sutton, and he is certainly worth it.

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