Playboy Toy

The 1964 Ferrari 500 Superfast was the preferred car of playboys like the Shah of Iran and the Aga Khan

The vehicle presented here has undergone an exemplary restoration. The motor was rebuilt in Germany at Berlinetta Motors. It is equipped with stainless steel exhaust. The original leather interior is still of good quality. The body was stripped to bare metal and repainted in its original blue color. The carpets are new. It has a documented history and is being sold with an American title.

at a staggering $29,300, the Superfast cost nearly twice as much as a 275 GTB. Celebrity owners include Aga Kahn, the actor Peter Sellers, and the Shah of Iran, who bought two. The Superfast name came from a series of show cars that were built on Superamerica chassis. It's unknown why the America/Superamerica name was dropped in favor of Superfast, but the car fulfilled its moniker. Powering the 500 Superfast was a new 400-hp, 5-liter version of a Colombo-designed V12. Performance was exceptional, although the car was more comfortable on the open road than in a city or on a track.

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