What am I Bidz for Some Cubic Zirconia?

Tim Mullaney

With Omniture bleeding and Vonage grumbling that, darn it, my head must be around here somewhere, the tech IPO market turns its lonely eyes to Bidz.com. The suburban LA-based auction retailer of mostly inexpensive jewelry is expected to price this week somewhere between $8 and $10 a share. The deal stands as a test of its lead banker, the San Francisco emerging-growth boutique ThinkEquity Partners. ThinkEquity CEO Mike Moe, whom I like and admire (Logrolling alert: Moe tells me I'm getting a small plug in his coming book), is passionate about the idea that companies like Bidz need to be able to access U.S. capital markets even if they're smaller, riskier or less glamorous than companies big power banks want to back in the wake of the Web bust. Now's his chance to prove he's right.

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