Motorola's Tin Ear

The Bluetooth headset companion to the PEBL phone may turn heads with its looks, but its sound quality won't impress your friends

Before I start let me first say this: I'm not someone you would call a Bluetooth guy. I'm not a roamer. I do use a Bluetooth-enabled Plantronics (PLT) headset with my landline in the office, but I use it like my old wired headset. I sit there. I don't take conversations to the break room, pick up calls while I'm getting a drink of water, or walk around with the blinking device fixed to my ear, my chest puffy with self-importance.

If I were to buy the headset, I would have to say I'd only use it when I really wanted an easy hands-free option, even knowingly at the expense of the person's experience on the other end of the line, say like folding laundry, or driving a car. Otherwise I'd have to keep the phone up to my ear. Looks like I'm staying out of the Bluetooth gang for now.

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