Modernista Wins The General Motors' Cadillac Account.

Bruce Nussbaum

Modernista!, our partner and designer of IN--Inside Innovation--just picked up most of General Motors Cadillac account, ending the 20 year reign of ad agency Leo Burnett, part of the Publicis Group. I know how creative these folks are and how they can really shake up an organization and bring in new energy and insight. Modernista! is best known for its great Hummer ads and if you want to spend some quality humor time, check out their site.

Opening up to fresh, outside voices may be the single most important strategy that corporations can do to foster innovation. Hiring new people, buying new companies, networking, bringing your customers into design and production all lead to innovation. And finding the right partners is so key.

I learned a lot from Modernista! in doing issue # 1 of Inside Innovation. But not enough. So we're asking them to do issue # 2 as well. Some things worked really well in the premier issue, but not all. I tried to take blogs and the web to a managerial audience that doesn't frequent the web very much and I'm not sure I hit it perfectly. I could use your suggestions on that--and on any other features of IN. Right now, we plan to get grittier and more detailed in our stories to give our target audience of senior managers more takeaway in making innovation work in their organizations.

Again, any suggestions are welcome.