Heroes of Might and Magic

While there might still be one or two shortcomings, the compelling gameplay keeps players going for hours on end

Nival Interactive steps in to take on developing the almost legendary Heroes of Might and Magic franchise. Aside from the graphics change, a slight scaling back in factions, and a 3D map, the new developers stick pretty close to the HOMM formula. There is still extensive overworld/underworld exploration to be done, with random creatures and treasure everywhere. Heroes gain experience, cast huge spells, and recruit armies from the six unique factions. The heart of the HOMM is alive here, and brings with it the feeling that compels players to get in at least one more turn. But, while the gameplay is solid, with a well-balanced combat mode, there is very little that makes it truly unique from its predecessors. Long-time fans might be disappointed with the lack of campaign editor (which is promised to comes later) and random map generator.