Eos Airlines, Your Airborne Concierge

The luxury airline offers corporate jet travel with the ambiance of a five star hotel. At $6,500 per ticket, it's not for everyone

Concorde may be dead, but luxury travel across the Atlantic is alive and well with the advent of Eos Airlines. Launched in autumn 2005, Eos takes the concept of corporate jet travel and marries it with luxury commercial travel, with plenty of personal space to stretch out.

The airline exclusively offers business class services with a five-star hotel twist for passengers flying from New York's JFK airport to London's Stansted. Using Boeing 757 airplanes designed to hold up to 220 people (most of which were cramped, economy class seating), Eos 757s are reconfigured for 48 sleekly designed seats that are more like mini-cabins than conventional airline seats and feature curvy, high-profile walls that surround each personal space.

Arranged in a staggered two-by-two layout, each "suite" doubles as a flat bed, a popular trend first launched by Virgin Atlantic. Unlike other flatbeds, these can be configured for two colleagues to sit and even work face to face. Each passenger is offered a previously unheard of 21 square feet with plenty of business travel conveniences, such as private electrical outlets and a worktable larger than the standard foldout table.