Sphere's Conrad on BW podcast

Stephen Baker

When I was on the West Coast, I talked to Tony Conrad, ceo of the search start-up Sphere. He had told me before that our previous interview was excruciatingly long, so we kept this one to 12 minutes. Here's the podcast.

Funny thing, I sent what I thought was the interview to my colleague Jaime, our slick producer. But instead of the Tony Conrad chat, I sent him a late-night, wine-soaked family discussion about Buddism and praying and alternate theories of intelligence. It could have been a podcast, I suppose. Others out there are every bit as rambling and self-indulgent. And the Grateful Dead playing in the background (on vinyl, no less) fit like an old shoe. But imagine the consequences for Tony Conrad and his start-up if his investors clicked the podcast and heard...that!

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