Koenigsegg CCR

Power and beauty. This Swedish supercar embodies both

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Sweden's Christian von Koenigsegg always dreamed of building the ultimate supercar. Now, his Koenigsegg CCR is breaking records. Clocking in at 245 miles per hour, Koenigsegg Automotive broke the world speed record for a production car last year with the Koenigsegg CCR. It has 806 horses under the hood, nearly twice as many as Porsche's (PSEPF ) top-of-the-line 911 GT3, and more than Mercedes-Benz' (DCX ) supercar, the SLR McLaren. Since the first production car rolled off the assembly line in 1996, Koenigsegg has shipped ultrafast autos to the Middle East, Hong Kong, Eastern Europe, Russia, Britain, and Japan. But none to the U.S. because of safety and emissions standards. Until now. A new model, the Koenigsegg CCX, engineered to comply with U.S. specifications will be available this summer. The CCX will carry a supercar price tag -- $722,534, fully equipped and before taxes. (The price even includes driving lessons from the world record-setting driver himself, Loris Bicocchi.)

By Matt Vella

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