Introducing IN

Assistant managing editor Bruce Nussbaum likes to say that innovation is "the new black." Bruce, who's usually clad in black and has an abiding passion for innovation, means that it's the very latest thing. He's right, of course, judging by the speed with which companies are accelerating efforts to change their cultures, foster innovation, and serve customers more effectively. Innovation, or "design thinking," is, we believe, something truly important and enduring, not just the latest management fad. That's why we're launching IN: Inside Innovation, a quarterly magazine within BusinessWeek devoted to helping companies share insights and best practices in this exciting area.

Our ambitious goal is to be part of a larger conversation about how companies -- and society -- can use the methods and metrics of design thinking to become better at what they already do, as well as to imagine entirely new enterprises.

That sort of unconventional approach led us to collaborate with Modernista!. The Boston creative agency is perhaps best known for its whimsical Hummer ads but is hardly a traditional magazine designer. Nussbaum, IN's editor and the architect of's popular Innovation & Design channel (, has been tracking the creation of IN on his blog, NussbaumOnDesign. He writes: "We broke lots of rules designing IN -- and started changing culture at BW along the way.... Modernista! got our DNA." The ad agency integrated BusinessWeek's work online and in print to create a unique product that appealingly melds the flavors of both media. It is a magazine that is, I think you will agree, both visually arresting and thought-provoking.

"I'm a believer in perfection being the enemy of innovation, so issue No. 1 is our first iteration," says Nussbaum. "It will change and get better."

So, welcome to IN. Step inside, and let us know what you think (e-mail

Stephen J. Adler, Editor-in-Chief

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