IN Manifesto

What IN: Inside Innovation Is All About


With this inaugural issue of IN: Inside Innovation -- we dedicate ourselves to the proposition that making innovation work is the single most important business challenge of our era. Our goal is to make a meaningful difference in the difficult journey toward building innovative business cultures. IN hopes to inspire, to provoke, to teach, and to be a trusted advisor and guide. Every quarter, we'll provide you with a how-to tool kit of lessons and case studies that address specific problems managers face in changing their organizations. In this premier issue, we show exactly how five key "C-Suite" drivers of innovation inside big corporations do it. In future issues, we will offer the best innovation metrics, show how to build open-source idea machines, manage global networks of engineers and trend-spotters, find truly creative talent, and instill design thinking to satisfy unmet consumer needs. IN is also a community. It links you to our online Innovation & Design site, with its blogs, columnists, metrics, and stories. Join us.

Bruce Nussbaum, Editor

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