A contrarian view on the Apple China controversy

Bruce Einhorn

Hurray for Perry Wu, who blogs at ChinaTechNews. Wu has weighed in on the controversy surrounding the report in the UK tabloid, the Mail on Sunday, about alleged iPod sweatshops in China. The Mail’s story isn’t available online but the report of deplorable labor conditions has prompted lots of controversy and even has led Apple to announce that it will launch an investigation. (Here's a summary of the story.) There’s no doubt that companies like Apple that outsource their production to Taiwanese operating in China need to look closely at the treatment workers receive at these mainland plants. As this AP story that ran a few days ago on BusinessWeek put it, “allegations of poor working conditions are rife in China and workers often are housed in rudimentary dormitories, fed poorly and subjected to poor pay, unsafe working conditions and other maltreatment.”

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