Yahoo's surfers: adcentrics, adphobics, and omnivores

Stephen Baker

Search for Disney and results come back next to ads for flights to Orlando. Duh. But what kind of searcher are you? Yahoo! is now finding three distinct groups: Those who stick to editorial and click search results, those who gravitate toward ads, and a third group that clicks ads and editorial indiscriminately.

So, as the Internet search market develops, advertisers may develop different types of campaigns for the three groups. Imagine. The people who don't click ads may instead be served brand ads, which don't require clicks. Maybe a picture of a Bacardi pina colada next to Virgin Island results. And why waste a lot of editorial space for surfers looking for ads? Just give 'em what they want. For that matter, do the same for the omnivores. From what I'm hearing, they'll swallow what they're fed. (Of course, if it doesn't sit right with them, they might move their grazing to another site.)

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