What Coke Learned..For the World Cup

Pete Blackshaw gives some helpful insight into Coke applied what it learned from its blogging effort at the Olympic Games to to what it's doing for the World Cup.
Heather Green

Pete Blackshaw's story in Clickz about consumer generated media efforts around the World Cup has some helpful insight into how Coke applied the lessons it learned from its Olympic Games blogging to the World Cup.

Rather than going with student bloggers, Coke recruited exerienced bloggers, including some of the cream of the crop in Europe, for its Weallspeakfootball blog. Blackshaw quotes Philipp Bodzenta, Coke's director of global marketing communications, who says "The Torino initiative received very positive feedback, but some of the students we enrolled had limited experience in blogging."

It's a good move. Though Coke says it was pleased by the results from Torino, I was pretty underwhelmed by them. What they're doing now has more energy and verve. And that should be the point, that you experiment and keep improving in trying to figure out how to engage in this world of social media.

Coke is also piling on videoblogging, which I agree with Blackshaw is pretty intriguing and points to how you can engage niches of audiences, in this case, along with a a massive traditional marketing campaign. I actually like that the videos ramble all over the place because it sets it apart.

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