Stocks with Big Mo -- and No Respect

This week, S&P hunts for stocks currently out of favor on the Street which may be due for an upgrade

From Standard & Poor's Equity Research

During the recent market pullback, a few stocks managed to sail ahead at a nice clip. But even so, most Wall Street analysts are decidedly negative on them. To find which stocks have had the wind at their backs lately, we used Standard & Poor's relative strength ranking. With this measure, stocks are ranked 1 to 99 based on how the stock price has performed compared to all companies in S&P's database on a rolling 13-week basis. The higher the number, the better the stock has fared against all others.

Price performance alone doesn't always win the praises of Wall Street. We found a number of stocks that have moved higher in a down market, but most analysts still don't like them. Still, eventually, they could take notice, raise their opinions, and thus provide even more momentum to the stock.


  For this week's screen, we hunted for stocks with a 13-week relative strength ranking of greater than 90 -- meaning that over the past 13 weeks they have outperformed more than 90% of the stock universe. Then we narrowed the list to find stocks that also have the highest technical rank, as well as the highest insider-buying rank, according to proprietary S&P measures. This combines strong price action with underlying support from high-level executives betting on their company's growth.

Lastly, we singled out stocks that aren't favored, looking for ones that have hold and sell recommendations by the majority of Wall Street's equity analysts. We at S&P believe it's likely that there will be some upgrades to them in the near future.

To avoid speculative issues, this screen was limited to stocks priced above $5 and with a market capitalization above $1 billion. A handful of names popped up:

  Momentum Stocks
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