More Feedback On INside Innovation.

Bruce Nussbaum

Here are some very interesting thoughts from comments on our I&D site.

Nickname: Brianxl
Review: How about the fact that 17 of the 25 are women? What does that say, I wonder, about either innovativeness and gender or the way the list was drawn up?
Date reviewed: Jun 15, 2006 12:46 PM

Nickname: Dimitar Vesselinov
Review: Innovation blogs: Innovation Creators Patent Pending Blog - Patents and the History of Technology Accelerating Innovation Age of Innovation Bubblegeneration Strategy Lab Bleeding Edge Business & Technology Reinvention Corante Innovation Hub Corporate Innovation Blog Creative Generalist The Global Ideas Blog Heads-Up! on Organizational Innovation How to Save the World IdeaFlow Innovation Weblog Principled Innovation LLC Inventors - The Business Innovation Insider Innoblog
Date reviewed: Jun 15, 2006 2:51 AM

Nickname: Frank Patick
Review: First reaction to the list: All large companies? Second reaction: Do I really think HP, Clorox, and Kellogg are examples of innovative companies? Third reaction: I'd rather see a list of 25 innovative companies than a bunch of executives whose reputation for innovation is probably as much a result of good PR as it is a result of the people who work for them. These big companies are putting a coat of innovation paint on old structures that are at their heart conservative and anti-innovative. Another flavor of Coke? A fancy case on a computer? Come on! Nice try, but where's NetFlix, 37 Signals, Seagate, and other firms building the new stuff of the world through innovation?

On the last point, I'd like to turn it around a bit. The older companies are trying to catch up to the NetFlixes of the world and one of the ways they are doing that is by getting an Innovation Champion to push through culture and organization changes.