My Liz Smith Moment, with Jon Bush

Tim Mullaney

I'm a little wary of being the Liz Smith of deal blogging. You know, the Liz Smith that Spy magazine used to rag on for kissing the same few butts all the time? Open the paper and there's Liz on Madonna, Liz on Lindsay Lohan and most of all Liz on La Liz, Elizabeth Taylor.

But I have my little blogger's pets, and one of them is athenahealth, a software/service company that's in the e-health business. They help doctors with money management -- yo, Sisyphus, you have competition! --and are branching out into electronic medical records. It's not my Madonna: I don't write about them that often. It's more my Christina Aguilera, minus the weird husband. It's a nice company that expects to grow sharply this year. The CEO is a guy named Jonathan Bush, whose cousin George you may have heard of.

Anyway, I digress. We've said before athenahealth wants to go public next year. Now we know who wants to help them do it. Birds are buzzing that underwriters will include Goldman Sachs, Merrill Lynch and Morgan Stanley. That's a pretty decent welcoming party for a post-bust tech company. Earlier next year is more likely than later next year. We'll tell you more when we know more, and we'll tell you what we think when we see real, audited numbers that private companies don't release. Who knows? Maybe it will be as big as Christina's weird hubby.

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