Heigh Ho, Heigh Ho, It's Off To Court We Go

In an e-mail, Vinson & Elkins partner Joe Dilg boosted the spirits of lawyers toiling for Enron on Christmas Eve, 1997. An excerpt from his takeoff:

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the Firm

the Enron team the midnight candle did burn...

There was a deal for each lawyer, sometimes two, sometimes more.

And given the timing, no brownie points did Enron score.

The deals themselves had names so benign,

like presents for children at Christmastime.

There was a Nighthawk, a Chewco, a Jedi2

a Bulldog, a Sheridan and an EES selldown too.

There were power plants to play with, a HVAC contractor to buy

A cornucopia so full of plenty I started to cry.

But the V&E team dug in, although maybe not totally with glee.

[attorney] Bob Baird was even heard shouting "save one for me"

And no sooner than you could say "mark to market"

Our client's year end financials began to sparkle

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