Destiny Manifest: The Best Gets Better

The latest issue offers an explosion of new content -- over 300 new missions and the ability to take 40 characters to level 50

When it comes to PC games, there are expansions, and then there's NC Soft's City of Villains/City of Heroes Issue 7: Destiny Manifest. In what is probably the largest content explosion in gaming history, NC Soft has enhanced its games like plastic surgeons enhance Hollywood starlets. Over 300 new missions await you as well as the new High Level Zones Grandville and Recluse's Victory, the ability to take level 40 characters all the way to level 50, new Patron Powers, new Power Sets, all new base features, new quality of life features, graphical enhancements such as bump/specular mapping, and even new costumes. That's just a crazy amount of stuff, but we're certainly not complaining. Whenever a company makes some of the greatest games even better, we're going to line up on day one. So regardless of what side you lean towards, Destiny Manifest is definitely worth playing.

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