Coca-Cola, is the Legend Enough?

The soft drink giant is broadening its flavor spectrum with a low-calorie, caffeinated drink -- it's a crossover, not an energy drink

In business for 180 years, Coca-Cola is one of those rare true legacy brands. The American-born soft drink has been the world's leader in cola for what feels like eons, boasting a brand awareness that stretches into every little corner of the world. That's why the world pays close attention when Coca-Cola puts a new product on the market. Recently, Coca-Cola decided to broaden its flavor spectrum with the introduction of Coca-Cola Blāk. At only 45 calories per eight-ounce bottle, Coca-Cola Blāk is designed to appeal to twenty- and thirty-something fashionable figure-conscious consumers in search of a more sophisticated, caffeinated flavor experience.

With an initial roll-out currently kicking into gear in the US and France, Coca-Cola Blāk is described on its teaser website as "an invigorating and stimulating blend that fuses Coke effervescence with coffee essence," with a "rich smooth texture and ... a coffee-like froth when poured."

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