Risky move for Microsoft's Taiwan partner

Bruce Einhorn

High Tech Computer, the Taiwanese ODM that has long been the world's leading developer of Windows smart phones, announced on Friday that it is taking control of one of its customers, an outfit called Dopod International. HTC has been one of the hottest electronics companies in Taiwan thanks in part to its willingness to stay a player behind the scenes. (Here's a recent BW story on HTC.) Unlike HTC, which doesn't market under its own name but instead designs and produces phones for others, Dopod (the first syllable is pronounced "doo") is in the brand business. The company markets phones and PDAs under the Dopod name in China, Taiwan and Southeast Asia. (Some Dopod models shown in the photos above.) Travelers waiting to have their check-in luggage screened at Chiang Kai-shek International Airport in Taiwan see a giant Dopod advert on the wall of the terminal.

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