AMD's Plan of Attack

CEO Ruiz says the chipmaker will battle rival Intel with "open platforms" so its products and its partners' can work better together

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Chairman and CEO Hector Ruiz is basking in a year of unprecedented profit and revenue growth at the world's second-largest chipmaker. AMD also has been gaining market share in key segments of the server chip business and at retail against its giant rival Intel (see BW Online, 6/12/06, "AMD: Chipping Away At Intel's Lead"). Its biggest win to date came in May, when Dell, the last major holdout to buying its chips, announced it would begin selling AMD-based servers later this year (see BW Online, 5/19/06, "AMD Inside"). Still, the Sunnyvale (Calif.) company looks to face tougher going in just a few short weeks as Intel (INTC) rolls out the first in a series of powerful, energy-sipping chips called Core 2.

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