Dell's Dull Photo 964, Round 2

Even when I retested this machine with updated ink supplied by the manufacturer, I was unimpressed with photo print quality

Editor's Rating:

The Good: Reliable on simple office operations

The Bad: Iffy-quality prints, and has clumsy controls

The Bottom Line: A decent printer, but not a good all-in-one solution

For those of you looking for a printer that works as well for the family as it does the home office, we're doing a series of reviews of these "all-in-one" printers (see BW Online, 4/14/06, "A Lexmark Printer That Misses the Mark"). Earlier, we took a look at the Dell Photo AIO 964 (see BW Online, 5/5/06, "Dell's Dull Photo 964"). On the first pass, we used what are known as pre-production ink cartridges -- meaning that Dell's engineers hadn't finished making all the necessary tweaks to get the cartridges ready for store shelves.

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