Battling blog fatigue: Sphere points to new blogs

Stephen Baker

I was visiting the blog search start-up Sphere yesterday. They have a headquarters in San Francisco's Presidio. The Golden Gate Bridge is right out the window. I was telling Tony Conrad, the founder, that I felt a bit blog-stale. I'm going all over the country talking to people about math and computer science and operations research. It's fascinating, but I'm wandering from the conversations on my aggregator page, and even on this blog. I need a strong dose of new blogs.

Tony sat down and showed me the Featured Blogs feature on Sphere. You can type in nearly any topic, and the engine gives you the blogs that it ranks by subject matter, popularity and authority. I'm in a motel in Palo Alto with a miserable Wi-Fi connection, and I've got an interview at Yahoo! this morning. But at some point on this trip when I get a couple free hours and a good connection, I'll surf for new blogs and share my discoveries. I'll try Sphere as well as Technorati's Blogfinder. Meantime, those of you more richly endowed than I in time and broadband, take a look yourselves at this Sphere ap, and please leave any gems you find in comments.

Incidentally, I'm going to see David Sifry at Technorati tomorrow in San Francisco. Anything I should ask him?

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