The AFA Continues To Hurl Brickbats at Ford

David Kiley

The headline: Ford supports homosexual polygamy.

Really? Wow! And to think the company doersn't even market a competitive minivan to hold all those extra partners.

The American Family Association's newest rave, or is it rant, against Ford is that the automaker supports/advocates a homosexual polygamist lifestyle by virtue of advertising in The Advocate, a magazine for gays that contains a story on the subject.


I guess if Ford ran an ad in National Geographic about South American peoples who live in the rain forest and live mostly naked, the AFA would issue a release complaining Ford supports running around naked instead of wearing clothes. No? Hmmmmm. If a company, say Ford, advertises in a newspaper that runs an editorial in favor of drilling for oil in Alaska's Arctic slope, would that mean that Ford supported that specific position? I think not.

It's not that I have an issue with the AFA taking a position. This is America. Evangelize whatever position you want. It's that I think it's ridiculous to use such simple-minded arguments to make their point and stir people up around an issue filled with emotionally charged opinions.

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