Ne Plus Ultra of Social Networking

About a new social networking site called HINCity that's tied tot he Hot Import Nights show and is apparently a new networking site that broke off from MySpace.
Heather Green

So I got an email the other day alerting me to a new social networking site called HINCity. It's tied to Hot Import Nights, which is billed as the nation’s largest lifestyle custom car show. (Who knew? Not me, ok?)

Apparently this was a niche community on MySpace that has expanded into its own social networking site. Has anyone heard of anything similar? It's pretty fascinating, the idea of mini networking sites spinning themselves off. And it really gets at the nichiness that we're seeing evolve in every nook and cranny of the Web, it appears. Or maybe it's more of a testament to the size of the MySpace site. Anything that's built out of it is bound to look nichy, right?

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